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Beal Properties has a wide variety of experenience in real estate development and specializes in the redevelopment of historic properties in downtown communities. Beal Properties currently develops properties for its members and affiliated investment companies.

Projects recently completed or in development:

  • West Michigan Lofts, Ypsilanti
    The West Michigan Avenue Loft Apartments project combined 5 historic buildings in downtown Ypsilanti to house 20 loft apartments on floors 2 & 3 as well as a variety of retail/restaurant tenants below. The project is comple and all of the unique loft apartments are occupied. The project was developed by Beal Properties LLC and Maurer Management in a unique composition in which the 5 buildings will share common elements to reduce the cost of development, even though they will continue under separate ownerships.
  • Thompson Block, Ypsilanti
    The Thompson Block was built in 1861 using bricks that were salvaged from another Depot Town building built in 1838. The building, first known as the Norris Block, was intended for residential and retail use but was converted into soldiers' barracks in 1862 after the onset of the Civil War. The building was occupied by the 14th Michigan Infantry Regiment and was known for years as "The Barracks" until it was later occupied by the Thompson family following the war. The building is also rumored to have been a major stop on the underground railroad with tunnels running from its basement to a neighboring building. The building also housed Ypsilanti's first fire department in the 1890's.

    In 1916 the building was occupied by one of the very first Dodge Car Dealerships and was also home to the first store selling bicycles in Southeastern Michigan.

    The Thompson Block redevelopment project will turn the 2nd & 3rd floors of the building into 16 Luxury Lofts and the 1st floor into 10,000sf of commercial space. The project is projected to be completed by September 2008.

  • Broderick Tower, Detroit
    The 34-story Broderick Tower, constructed in 1928 as the Eaton Tower under the direction Louis and Paul Kamper of Detroit, was completed in 1928. It was, at the time, the second tallest skyscraper in Michigan.

    The planned redevelopment project will renovate the existing building into 127 luxury condominiums on floors 5-34, with the lower 4 floors being upgraded for retail / entertainment / office uses. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2008

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